Step By Step Guide - Standard Dent Removal

Step By Step Guide - Standard Dent Removal
Quarter Size Dent

Here we have a standard quarter-size dent that we will remove with specialized tools from the panel's backside.

This process is called the Paintless Dent Repair process.

This extrinsic skill is the precise foundation of PDR, and we will always resort to these concepts and foundations when working on almost any damage.

Let Us Get To It!

Step 1.

We will push the center of this damage with precise pushing to bring it up to the surface or flat.

This particular damage was under the brace, ultimately, we would like to see pushes even closer together than they currently are in this photo

Step 2.

We will knock down any high spots and even out the damage to make it match the flat plane around it.

Using a VIP tip to knock down the high spots to flat
We have knocked down our pushed area to flat and have exposed the micro lows

Step 3.

It is time to pick out any micro lows still in the dent so we can match the damaged orange peel to the factory finish.

These darker shadows within our repair area are micro lows

Step 4.

Once we have pushed all of the micro lows, we are left with another soft high spot, and we will knock down to finish.

Using a VIP 2.0 Knockdown to remove the soft high spot

Step 5.

Tap to finish from the topside of the panel until there are no more shadows, the damage is flat, and we are back to a factory finish.

The finished repair matches factory orange peel and is flat - like nothing ever happened!

These are the basic steps that any beginner can follow to remove dents within the panel of a vehicle. These basic principles will always be resorted to when repairing dents, large or small.

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