Dentcraft PDR Accessories

We unbox a series of accessories we use daily for Paintless Dent Repair

I know pushing rods are important, but what else will I need?

Window Wedges - To wedge the door cavity to allow access for our PDR rods. An upgrade from these would be the Talon Wedge or Anson Wedge.

Multi-Plug Kit - To replace worn OEM clips and plugs. The top row of these clips can commonly be seen in Chevrolet or GM vehicles.

Spray Bottle - For Glue Pull Repair cleaning and release agent. We love these WilleyQuick bottles, specifically how they spray and are magnetic, which is a nice touch.    

S Hook - Create leverage in open-access panels. When working under a hood


Window Guard - Protect the window from our tool when accessing damage behind a door skin. These have a polished finish to allow vision inside the door, alerting you of any obstructions such as bracing, sound deadener, or foam.

Two window wedges against the window guard to increase the surface area where pressure is delivered 

R4 Tips Red/Blue - Most commonly used size of rubber tip for pushing and knocking down metal

R4 Tips - Red - Hard / Blue - Soft

These accessories are the most used in daily repairs here at Dentless Touch Chicago.  

Dentcraft PDR Tool Unboxing

What are some of your favorite accessories you use in Paintless Dent Repair? COMMENT BELOW